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  Accredited yoga therapist

Teaching philosophy

My yoga journey began 24 years ago in Italy with a friend who raved about this new thing called yoga. Back then, yoga was considered strange but I have always been intrigued to try something new so I found myself at a class. I felt awkward, I was shaking and used muscles I didn’t know I had, but savasana and the mantra OM gave me a deep sense of relaxation and the feeling of coming home to myself. Back then I didn’t know this would have been the beginning of a long journey, though it hasn’t always been easy, yoga has provided me with the tools and strength to connect and nurture myself and everyone around me.

As a natural seeker, I am devoted to learning, sharing and radiating this knowledge for everyone to utilise and enjoy. The more I explore and learn, the more I’m able to share my wisdom in a new and vibrant light, it is a true blessing and honour to share that journey with my students.

My teachings are grounded in the traditional lineage of Hatha yoga and the deep philosophy of Tantric practices married with the modern day teachings of Rasa yoga, the heart-centered themes of RasaYoga and the energetics of ParaYoga. I hope to bring a wealth of knowledge, personal practice and experience to my offerings.

My self practice and dedication to the yogic path has also allowed me to merge the wisdom and healing power of Ayurveda -the Science of Life - into a modern language that everyone can access. I am passionate about the benefits for all and believe the rituals within the physical practice of yoga and the modern approach to Ayurveda can be embodied within our daily routines to regain our natural state of health and well-being effortlessly - empowering and equipping you with the means to engage courageously and skillfully in all aspects to live a more vibrant life.


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